Lyra: a conversation tool

Conversation and discussion are vital to an open, fair society.

Lyra is a secure, useful conversation tool which puts you, the reader, in control. There are no advertisements or addictive user experiences. Your personal data will not be shared and your privacy will not be infringed.

Lyra is designed around conversations, tree-shaped collections of messages, including text and images. You can reply to any message in a conversation, allowing it to branch and divide.

Once you have created a conversation, you can invite members: Lyra will send email invitations, or you can share an invitation link yourself. Conversations can be public (open to everyone), private (open only to members, via invitation links) or locked (with a fixed members list and no new members).

You do not need to create a Lyra account to read or post messages. You can also log in with your Google account.

Lyra is a non-profit. We ask users to kindly subscribe for £2.99 per year. Full use of our service is permitted without subscription.

Lyra's features

  • Flexible conversations in which you can reply to any message. Messages include formatting and images.
  • Control over the privacy levels of your conversation.
  • Login is not necessary.
  • Notification of new conversations and messages.
Example conversations:
Start a conversation

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